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To my great relief, contrary to my last post, i did not miss the first of the Lenten talks. They actually start this coming week. However, i still must say that i did forget them because at that time i did believe that the talks started this past week.

Played indoor today as the trials for the start of the new season. Funnily enough, the team we played today was the same opposition that we played in the semi-finals two weeks ago, The Walkovers. We trounced them 6-1 this time, myself scoring two of the goals. The game actually got a bit heated, with their big guy fouling Nick and getting a blue card. I'm pretty sure that blue means a 5 minute sin-bin.

I just finished the first draft of my HIST2609 short essay, other than some proof-reading and some minor editing, that is basically finished. I'll probably have to start on the long ones now that the Easter break is coming up.

Tonight I also watched 60 Minutes to see the interview with George Lucas and stuff on Episode III.

In the past week I also bought the new MS Office suite. I bought the 2003 Professional Enterprise Edition (i.e basically everything in it) for a very cheap $114 from uni. The normal academic price is $350, with retail being $900, so I thought i might as well take advantage of my last semester of being a student and get some cheap software.

Sleep now. Work tomorrow.

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