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Very stupid

Returned to my stupid ways today. I had planned to go into uni, which first of all is bad karma (for lack of a better expression) on holidays, to get books from the library for the essay i'm currently doing. I had the list of the books I wanted to get and even checked it up against the uni catalogue this morning before i left just to make sure they were all still there. The problem is, is that I left that list sitting on my desk next to the computer.

Of course when I had arrived at uni i had a very rude awakening when I realised that I didn't take the list. Luckily, Stephania bailed me out of having to come back home, as she got on my computer and emailed me the document containing the list of books i had to get.

That meant that I had to walk half-way across the university to go to the IT labs where i'm allowed to access email during the day, and print off a fresh copy of the list. Spent a bit more time getting the books than I would have liked, but got home in time for lunch.

Went to the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America website today and noticed that they have themed the banners/headers etc of the site in purple, i assume especially for lent. It's a touch that I quite like: reminding you that we are in lent by merely changing a colour on the site. That site still amazes me in the detail and effort, and also presumably money, they have poured into it.

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  1. see, at griffith, halfway across campus is, well, not that bad. that's also the distance between the bus stops and the campus club (think red room on a nature strip - green room?).
    ahh, the price you pay for a quality education...and black graduation gowns >:(


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