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Lately I have found that i have been forgetting a lot of things, and it is really troubling me because i'm usually pretty good with things like that. Of the more recent ones, I totally forgot about the series of talks that started at Church on Tuesday night now that lent has started, and I also forgot about the Careers Fair that was at uni on Wednesday that I really wanted to attend because this was my last year at uni to attend one.

In the last few days I have researched and started on my HIST2609 (History of the Great Powers) short essay. I chose the question: Why did the Concert of Europe represent a significant turning point in world history? It's only 500wds, but research and referencing does tend to take a bit long. I hope to have it mostly finished by today.

The other night I watched The Butterfly Effect. I enjoyed watching the movie, although it was somewhat twisted.

Must remember to go to Church tonight for the Lenten Friday night thingoes (help me out here Andrew?), and also for the young adult Bible study.

3 thoughts on “Forgetting”

  1. lenten friday night thingoes = akathist hymn to the Evervirgin Mary.
    'akathist' coming from the negating prefix 'a-' and 'kathistos' meaning 'to sit (down)' - translated, the standing hymn.
    hope this helps in trivia night 😛


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