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Engagement & Into the Final

Well I had a very busy, tiring, frustrating, enjoyable, and happy weekend all in one the past few days. Friday was the fortnightly Bible study at which this week there were not that many people. Not really sure why.

Saturday was the half-big day. Saturday night me and Despina had our engagement celebration. It was only a small family affair, with only 50 people attending. Had a wonderful night.

Sunday was our semi-final game at indoor. It was one of those games that i often have: a generally very poor performance punctuated with a moment of brilliance. We generally didn't play well. The other team did put an emphasis on defence, and for the most part did quite well at it, catching us on the counter-attack as we stretched ourselves to score goals. We fought to stay in touch, but in the second half we were down 4-2.

Two quick goals by us levelled the game at 4-4, and we had a fair few chances toward the end of the second half to seal the game, but the opposing keeper produced a series of fine saves.

So it went to extra time, with it to be settled on a golden-goal (the first team to score in extra-time wins the match). Within a few minutes we had scored and won the match. I made a darting run, and just latched onto a fine through-ball passed by Elliot, controlling it with one touch and poking the ball into the top-left corner of the goal with the second.

I didn't quite know if I had kicked the ball before i got to the keeper's area (in indoor soccer field players aren't allowed in the keeper's area), but I did take one or two steps in the area after I had fired my shot. The ref said that that was ok to him, so we won the match.

Next week is the final against the very good Cardno team, which also had a very tight semi-final, just squeezing in the winner in the last few minutes to win their game 5-4.

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  1. not many people, i suspect, because of greek idol. the irony. we've been fighting idolatry for the better part of two millenia, and in our more enlightened times we're still fighting it.
    congrats on soccer!


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