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Assessment, Clone Wars, and Evil Lucas

This week was a little busy in terms of uni assessment. Had two things due: my HIST2609 short essay (which i will post in the Gallery once I get my marks back), and also a HIST2602 Tutorial Submission (I have to do three throughout the semester). Eventually got it all done, and handed them both in on time.

In this past week the third and final season of the Star Wars: Clone Wars cartoons have been airing on Cartoon Network in the US. I've downloaded all but the final episode. These cartoons set up the storyline for just before Episode III, and show plenty of the villain called General Grievous. Can't wait to see the last one. There are just 5 episodes in the final season, but are about 12 mins long compared to the usual 3 or so of the previous seasons.

I recently just looked at the photos of my engagement, and there is really one photo (shown below) in which i look completely evil. It's probably the most red-eye you could get out of a camera, and combined with me laughing with my head tilted upwards, gives a great possessed/evil look.

Evil Lucas

It was pointed out to me recently that these Easter Holidays which began today are probably the last holiday I will ever have, as I'm due to graduate in July. Just made me think that I should probably appreciate them more...

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