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One of the things that I wanted for my birthday was an upgrade to my laptop's memory. My laptop already has a considerable 512MB of RAM, but to give it an extra kick in the games and other resource intensive programs that I've been using I wanted to upgrade the memory. I would rather have got a better graphics card, but with most laptops (including mine) that is almost (if not) impossible without completely ripping apart the motherboard and chipset.

So the next obvious conclusion was to increase the memory, which is as easy as opening an access panel on the bottom of the computer, sliding a chip in place, and closing it up again.

I got the memory I wanted yesterday, and installed it last night. I haven't really tested any performance improvement myself yet, but Despina has said that the performance of the graphics programs, such as Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop, that she uses is noticably quicker in rendering and overall performance.

Got a haircut this morning.

Yesterday I received my UQ union garbage for the year in the mail, and i've had to restrain myself from breaking out into another rant like last year. At least this will be the last package i get.

One good thing that the Union does do (yes, they do do some pretty good things as well) is O (Orientation)-week. As part of the O-Week program the concert they have during this week is also usually pretty good, always with an impressive line-up for a comparatively small event. This year, they've lined-up Spiderbait and Scribe among others.

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