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Dean’s Commendation

Yesterday afternoon I received the Dean's Commendation letter for my academic performance for 2nd semester of last year. I knew it was coming because I knew my GPA of last semester merited it. If a student achieves a GPA of 6.00 or higher for a particular semester of full-time study (at least 4 courses) they are awarded a Dean's Commendation.

At UQ the IT department is included in the EPSA faculty (Engineering, Physical Sciences, and Architecture). Dad found it highly amusing and ironic that although i did not follow in his footsteps in doing architecture, that I am getting awards from the executive dean of the architecture faculty, a person that he knows personally.

I wonder if i will get one from the Arts faculty as well (because I'm doing a dual degree)...

Still at home sick today. I should be returning to work tomorrow.

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