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Busy & Youth

Doesn't really feel like it was that long ago that I blogged but looking at this site today I realised it was. I sorta try to blog at least once every three days, but as has been usual been extremely busy.

This week I got a Gmail account. Right now GMail (Google Mail) is still only in beta, and you need an existing member who can to 'invite' you to have an account. Thanks to Natalie for that. Although it isn't as 'pretty' as Hotmail, the features that it already does have (keep in mind it is a beta version) is quite impressive.

Let me list a few:
- No annoying image ads: The only ads that it does have are the simple Google text ones.
- 1GB of storage: big to say the least.
- Firefox compliant. Doesn't have anything that won't work in the majority of web browsers. (e.g. the rich text editor in Hotmail).

Let me also list a few cons:
- Take a while to get used to: lotsa different things to get used to, although not entirely a bad thing.
- Still in beta: so at the current time not to be too reliable.
- Things you may like in Hotmail or Yahoo!Mail are not there: I don't necessarily like these myself, but things like the Rich Text editor, and Hotmail's integration with MSN Messenger of course aren't present.

I'm thinking of closing one of my Hotmail accounts or forwarding them to this one (although i'm pretty sure Hotmail doesn't have a forwarder (at least not to a Gmail account anyways)).

Work yesterday was stressful. For some reason the application I developed reverted to a version from a month ago, and thus the stuff I had changed since then wasn't working. It was especially embarrassing when you are in the process of training someone in regional Queensland (over the phone using VNC to control their computer) to use the system and it doesn't work.

After a mild panic, and a missed lunch it was all sorted.

Last night was the first of the Young Adult Youth group / Bible study sessions. We started in the Book of James in the New Testament, and went through a few chapters. I quite enjoyed it, i've been wanting to deepen my study of the scripture.

On the same night is also our old drama group that we have grown out of (in terms of age). Me and Despina did drop in and say hi to all that we knew from previous years. We owe a lot to that group, after all it was where we met each other!

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