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Sinus Bad & Tired

On Monday when I went to work I started to get a pain around my top-right teeth. Over the first two hours of the day this quickly developed to what I thought at the time was a migraine. My entire right side of my face felt like it was going to explode. My gums were sore, behind my eyes were throbbing, and overall I would have to rate it as one of the worst 'headaches' that I've ever had.

I had taken some paracetamol in the first half hour when my head was starting to get sore, but this had absolutely no effect on the pain. I was in no state to get anything productive done at work, so I quickly excused myself and very painfully drove home.

I took a Nurofen as soon as i got home, but this did not seem to do much. As I lay on the couch for the next hour and a half, almost literally writhing in pain, something very strange happened. A quiet whistle noise came out of my nose accompanied my a release of air, and almost instantly the majority of the pain vanished.

Of course that meant that most of the pain was probably caused by inflamed sinuses, and the pressure eventually was released. I've never had sinus pain that bad before, and what was strange was that i could breathe perfectly well through my nose throughout the whole ordeal.

Worked normally Tuesday and today, and am quite tired.

I've had a lot of stuff to blog recently, but as is usually the case, now that I'm here blogging I can't remember any of it!! I've really got to do something about this.

I did make a noteworthy comment on Andrew's blog today about boredom, and how i'm rarely bored when i'm at home and have nothing constructive to do.

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