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taking a break

Taking a break from work to type out a blog entry. The last week has gone by so fast now that I'm working full-time it's unbelievable.

Just to catch up: Sunday played indoor, in which we won by a considerable margin that I can't remember. After that I went over to Rolando's place and played games on his Gamecube. My absolute favourite is a game called Red Card, which is a soccer game in which you can tackle, kick, harass, to your heart's desire, and most of the time the referee won't call it. In fact you can even slide-tackle the ref and get away with it. When you're attacking you can pull some cool Matrix-style finishing moves to blast the ball (keeper and all) into the back of the net.

Normally playing as the French, the games that we played used some normally hidden and hilarious teams such teams of dolphins, martians, SWAT teams, samurai, and others.

Very hilarious.

Better get back to work...

3 thoughts on “taking a break”

  1. Con: Quote off the Simpson's when Mr. Burns can't remember Homer's name, the latino guy at the plant says: "Yeah, he confused my son Ronaldo with my son Rolando". And no it is Rolando.

    Andrew: no, why would they??


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