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Tomorrow is summer

I'm sure Andrew will be very happy at the change in weather over the past few days which is getting hotter. I'm sure he will be equally pleased that today is his name-day, and that tomorrow is the official beginning of summer.

Today I have been building my résumé in preparation for applying for some holiday IT-related work experience. I did have a résumé from before i applied at the supermarket at which I work (for privacy reasons i don't mention where i work, I don't know if you have noticed this before), but it was one of those ones based on a default MS Word template. I'm pretty sure that résumés which look like they are made off a default Word template will look like 70+% of others, and then be the first on the way to the bin or the email trash can.

After looking on the net for some other good templates, i couldn't really find any that suited my liking. My reasoning was: is that if i'm not at all impressed at how the thing looks, how can I expect someone else who looks at these things all day to be impressed by it.

So I started creating my own one from scratch that doesn't look too shabby. It's taken longer than I have expected, but I hope to finish the résumé by tomorrow.

On a side note, I have no clue on a webpage form how to type the 'é' in résumé! 'How then did i actually get the é on the form?', I here you ask? The answer: simple copy and pasting my friends from other places that have it. I know you can type it into MS Word by using ctrl+'+e at the same time, but this doesn't work on the browsers that I have...

4 thoughts on “Tomorrow is summer”

  1. thankies 🙂
    and i think the way to do it is to go '& a grave' (no spaces). that makes it appear as an a-with-an-accent...but i dunno if it's the /-accent or the -accent (if that makes sense). also, it doesn't seem to show up on mozilla browsers.
    also, are you sure that the accent is on both e's?
    lastly, you may want to consider the term 'curriculum vitae' or 'c.v.'. much easier.

  2. I've seen it spelt many ways, but i'm 95% sure that the correct spelling is with the accent on both e's.

    Nah, i'd prefer r?sum? any day over curriculum vitae.

  3. oops, said & a grave will produce an accent on an a. & e grave, i think, will be the correct letter. apologies, in the most rhetorical sense, for any time wasted. a/s


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