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The Notebook of a Hero

Went to the movies twice in the past 24 hours, both at the now extremely busy SouthBank Cinemas. Last night went and saw The Notebook, which I really enjoyed. I though it was a good movie, but I wouldn't recommend seeing it if you don't want to follow a storyline or if you're really tired because it would probably send you to sleep.

Today went and saw Hero with the guys from school. It was good seeing nearly everybody together, it's been a while.

On the movie, I wasn't really that impressed. Although the fight scenes and special effects weren't badly done, i didn't really enjoy it that much. The whole movie is really (like The Notebook) a series of flashbacks. But in Hero, there are flashbacks within flashbacks, and also several flashbacks on the same events but from a different twist in the storyline. Interestingly, the characters in each of the flashbacks all wear variances of the same colour, and each the colour is different in each flashback, which sort of colour-codes the flashbacks in order for the audience to be able to remember and distinguish each of the flashbacks in the wider storyline.

Got to get back to studying for my exams after being a bit lazy over the past few days in that regard.

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