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Had indoor soccer again today. I'm actually really starting to enjoy playing it, i have really missed playing soccer.

Today's game was interesting in that the team we played against started really well, but after we took a two goal lead (to be honest) against the run-of-play, it seemed to piss them off a bit. After that they got, lets say... really physical, to put it politely.

Elbows, pushes, and late challenges became most of their game after that. We eventually won the game 6-3. All you have to do when teams get rowdy is keep your cool, start playing the ball around them, and then they get even more frustrated and make more stupid tackles and challenges, which gives you free lot of free kicks and gives you an edge in the game.

My goal difference for the game was 0: i scored one goal, and one own-goal (smart... i know).

4 thoughts on “Soccer”

  1. i think he tried to pass it back to me but i couldn't get to it fast enough. well at least that explaination makes it accidental, the only other explaination is that he did it on purpose.

  2. I was trying to pass it back to Rolando (the goalkeeper; back-passing is allowed in indoor soccer), but the ball was bouncing a bit, and I was being challenged from behind (to be honest: in a fair manner), and i sort of miss-kicked it, and instead of going straight back to Rolando, it sorta went around him and into the goal.

    Yes, it was accidental, because if I was trying to do it on purpose I wouldn't have been able to pull it off! lol


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