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I haven’t got the power

Today was frustrating in many ways. Most of all i went into uni today from around 2-7 on a day in which I don't normally have uni. Apart from that, we also lost power here today for around an hour. What was frustrating is that we now have a gate that is electrically powered for our driveway, and of course when there is now power, the gate doesn't work.

However, we were provided keys for the gate that unlocks the moving mechanism so you would be able to slide it open manually if there was a loss of power or otherwise. Upon going to the gate to open it manually I find that the keys that were supposed to be for the gate don't actually fit the keyhole in the machine. So I waited patiently (well, not really patiently), and eventually the power came back on luckily before i really had to leave.

Today i went in to uni to finish the tutorials for COMP3804. Exciting week and half ahead as it's the penultimate time of the whole year-long subject.

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