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Fairly busy

I've been fairly busy lately.

On Friday I took my day off that i was planning. In the morning i got a much needed haircut (i didn't do it myself like Andrew though, hehe). I felt like watching a movie so I watched X-Men 2 on dvd. I also had two very pleasant surprises: first of all Rolando came over to show me his car (very nice btw), and we ended up watching Shoalin Soccer. It was also Rolando's 21st birthday on Friday. A public 'Happy Birthday!' to him. Just after Rolando left, Mark rang and came over for a bit and dropped off an invitation to his birthday party next week. Good to see him as well after so long. That night my sister had a Newways party, which i'll leave my comments private. *hint, hint*

On Saturday i started my COMP2502 Assignment 2 which has turned out to be much harder than I expected (see later). I then went to church, arrived really really late because i forgot that the Liturgy now starts at 6:00pm instead of 6:30. Me and Despina then went and saw The Village. I'm a big fan of M. Night Shayamalan, but it wasn't as scary or as thrilling as I expected. I enjoyed it nonetheless. In his movies there is always a really big twist (i won't mention them here for all those people who haven't seen the movie). In this movie there was actually two: i half saw the first coming, but the second one did take me by surprise.

Sunday (yesterday) I continued a little bit with COMP2502. Despina and her parents came over and we had lunch, then i had to go to work. After misreading my roster, i thought i was finishing at 8:15, but i was really finishing at 9:00. It's a really bad feeling when your at work expecting to finish at a certain time, and then find out you actually finish later than you expected.

Anywho, i got home and went to have a shower, and there was a big explosion sort of sound happened just outside the window accompanied by a flash of light. After me and dad investigated we couldn't see or find anything to suggest as to what it was. I then continued work on my COMP2502 assignment, struggling to wrap my head around a way to solve the first part of the problem which i had conveniently skipped before.

I eventually had an epiphany on how to do it at about 1 in the morning. Started doing that implementation and eventually went to sleep at about 3 (probably my latest night ever spent on study-related material). I still have to finish it off today.

Working again tonight.

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