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bye bye SP2! For now…

Well i have spent the last 4 frustrating hours removing, installing, and removing SP2 for Windows XP.

A growing list of bugs on my computer has forced me to remove it. Among the top on the list are: not being able to view a folders properties (you'd be surprised how often you do it) and the System Restore facility not working at all. The realisation of the latter not working prompted me to remove the Service Pack.

This afternoon i was installing some software, after which i wanted to create a restore point before screwing around with something. I tried to create the restore point but the System Restore program crashed and didn't respond. After restarting the computer and trying it again, and after repeating that process about 5 times, i decided enough was enough.

I'd rather put up with a malfunctioning indexing service than not be able to view/change folder properties and not have the System Restore working. So i decided to remove SP2 and reinstall it again to see if that would fix it. After waiting over an hour for the uninstall and the install, it was still the same. So i went and removed it again.

This saga isn't over though, i'm going to try to download the FULL service pack (all 270MB of it; MS Update only downloads what it thinks it needs for your computer, ranging from 50MB up) and try that when i have some time.

Our home desktop computer shows none of the problems that I am having on my laptop.

Sigh. What a waste of time.

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