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3804 timing

There has been a bit of a mix up in the last few days in regard to the COMP3804 presentation and final demonstrations. The issue was the times that my group was allocated to present and demonstrate clashes with the COMP2502 lecture on those days. It's all been fixed, so that's good.

I was (again) researching my HIST2606 essay the other day, tring to find some more primary sources to put in my essay. After finding a good quote from Goebbels that i can put in there, i still needed a few more. I decided to try to find some newspaper articles that i could use. So i went to the New York Times website to see if I could access relevant articles from during the war. I went to their archive, but anything before 1996 requires a fee to retrieve. I then remembered that the uni library usually has subscriptions to those sort of databases for students to use.

Going to the library website, i accessed that db, and have found so far a great article, entitiled 'Global War', that supports my argument of the global nature of the war point in my essay. It was printed on June 18 1944, only a few days after the D-Day invasion (the database has the actual original article scanned, not just the text, so it's great to see the article in its original condition).

Going to work tonight. 🙁

2 thoughts on “3804 timing”

  1. Lucas, I had the same mixup with the COMP presentation as well. Have you spoken to Jerry yet? He was the one that filled me in. Jerry lent me his harddrive you know the one from the faculty. Anyway I got home but the stupid guy only gave me the socket for the 24 bit drive and mine is a 32 bit. So I had to go all the way back to uni, download the file and format it for the 32 bit. I took all blooming afternoon. By the way, has Jerry mentioned to you about me borrowing your 3 by 2 formatter? I know it's on such short notice but I only need it for a few days. Thanks cheers. How's your assignment going? Mines ok but I don't know how to transfer the blueprints into the harddrive. I tried going through the mainframe using the internal line but the circut was corrupt and that sent me back to the motherfile. Any suggestions?

  2. What the heck are you talking about?? I'm sorry, I don't know any Jerry...

    And i certainly don't have a '3 by 2 formatter' (or even know what the heck it is...). btw, what is a 'motherfile'?

    You sure you've got the right website (and right Lucas)? Which Jimmy is this by the way (i know a few)?

    Why do i have the feeling that 'Jimmy' is actually Con? hint hint


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