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Library entry

I'm sitting in the Library at uni typing this out.

After getting up at 6 this morning, leaving at 7:15 and sitting in traffic until getting to uni at 8:10, I attended another one of Kevin Gates (COMP2502 course coordinator) entralling Algorthims and Data Structures lecture (there's sarcasm for you!!).

I hate Thursdays, i'm in here till 3, and only really have a one hour break. At this time starting week 5 i will have another tute.

My sister babysitted my cousins last night, and they brought over they're movie collection (mostly avi's on burnt cd's). I got a copy of Shaolin Soccer, which i've been wanting to see for years. They never really properly released the movie in Australia, but I think BCC have been exclusively screening it at the Garden City Megaplex in the last few weeks (it was supposed to come out like 3 years ago). (as if i'm going pay $10-15 dollars just to see a movie. If i can, i always go to Hawthorne/Balmoral/Southbank where the prices are reasonable). I'll have to find some time to watch that.

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  1. It might be a while: I have to buy some cables to hook up my laptop to the projector ot TV to be able to watch it on anything other than my computer


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