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Back into it

Uni has kicked back into full gear, as I have been fairly busy over the last few days (well, busy enough not to be bothered to make a blog entry anyway). Yesterday i spent most of the day updating the conceptual design for COMP3804.

In the last few days I also ordered an iTrip, which is a little FM transmitter for the iPod. There is no cassete deck in the car that i drive, so normal car-adapter kits would not have worked. The iTrip quite handy in that it allows you to set a FM frequency to transmit on, and you can tune the car radio into that frequency to listen to the iPod in the car. Although it is not an Apple product, i still ordered it direct from Apple because all the stores in the city were at least $10 dearer than the price Apple had it as. I think that'll be the last thing i buy on my iPod spending spree.

In the last few weeks while driving I have witnessed more than the usual number of maniacs/idiots on the road. It seems lately that everywhere that I drive there seems to be some moron doing something so ridiculously stupid that they have such a blatant disregard for the value of their own life and everyone else around them.

3 thoughts on “Back into it”

  1. *looks at date* yes, august. that sounds about right.
    right now, you've got the year 12's who have just got their license. it probably started last month, but either you weren't driving that much, or there weren't that many of them for you to actually notice.

    what's the answer to this problem? put all high school students in a rural location until they're, oh, old enough to show some sense.
    or have the ingenuity to sneak out.


  2. Sounds good, but your theory doesn't make much sense. The new drivers would have birthdays all thoughout the year, not just starting in the last few months. The earlier months should still have been getting new drivers. I doubt new drivers out of school (assuming they're young) would be that much more mature than drivers who are sill in year 12.

    Good theory nonetheless

  3. to expand the theory...
    in year 12, there is the culture of invincibility, much moreso than in uni. in uni, all know the basics - either from personal experience or from friends. in high school, however, the wisdom of the ages has not yet been meted out.

    also, it's possibly also that you've only just noticed.
    hypothetical: you get cut off one day in a rather dangerous manner, then you say 'that driver was shocking!'. perhaps you get cut off within a few minutes. 'drivers are shocking!' once you've got that principle in your head, you look for examples to back up your theory. there's no shortage.



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