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The Big Day

Today was the dd-day (due date) for all the COMP3804 garbage due this semester (except for the exam). We got everything in ok (i think i got off easy yesterday/lastnight because i had to work till 10 last night, which i am a bit guilty about), and i think the demonstration went fine (although there was a nervous 30 or so seconds when the program wasn't responding probably because of lots of stress on the oracle server at uni at the time). The program itself is coming along quite nicely!

Now i've only got the INFS3100 assignment 4 to go before i start studying for my exams.

The other day i took my laptop to uni, and for the first time i used the wireless network thingy built into it. Worked fine, but i won't be setting up a wireless network at home as yet, because other than security concerns, i admit that i'm a bit paranoid about sitting in front of (basically) a radiation antenna for long periods of the day.

With a small increase in spare time in the recent hours, i'm already thinking of lots of kooky things to do for my next intro. Stay tuned!
(but not for too long because i've still got my exams, and some other stuff to do before I have time to fire up flash again...)

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