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Studying Begins

In the last few days i have begun studying for my exams.

After finishing off my last assignment on the weekend, Monday was mainly spent on collecting and printing a lot of garbage just to make sure i have everything i need to actually study (lecture notes, tuts, etc.). That took the majority of the day which was longer than i expected.

Today i began proper study on COMP3804. The more study i seem to do, the more i am not looking forward to the exam. I guess it's mainly because i have nearly no idea what to expect. Hopefully by this time next week i would have done the exam knowing that i have at least passed.

I'm looking forward on going to Church tonight to here a talk entitled: 'When Faith and the Bible are not Enough: Meeting Christ in the Orthodox Church', presented by Fr. Anastasi.

3 thoughts on “Studying Begins”

  1. It wasn't quite what i was expecting. I was expecting (mainly from the title) more along the lines of personal guidance and the importance of the Church in a person's spiritual life, rather than an explanation and response to views of protestantism.

    I really enjoyed it nontheless. I love my history, and i think the reformation and the historical foundations of the beliefs of the protestant demominations are quite interesting.

  2. yeah, i thought it would be a 'many Orthodox do this and it's un-Orthodox for these reasons'. the talk did address that, admittedly, but it had to be applied by the receiver.

    see you at Mother Kallistheni's talk? promises to be outstanding 😀



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