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Okay, for some reason my last entry had 82 views (at this time) which has rocketed it up to number one on the most viewed list. Did a lot of people view my blog, or has one person just had a lot of fun with the refresh button on their browser?? The mysteries of the internet....

Things with uni have sort of cooled off a bit lately, with not much (relatively speaking) due until the last week where everything seems to be due.

Played soccer last night, and I think we had a really good game. We ended up losing 7-5, but against a tough team i think we held our own. I played a good game, ehich is great considering how shocking my form has been the past few weeks. (Last week i missed an absolute tap-in sitter and hit the post)

I've got a list of editorial things that i would like to express on this blog, but really don't have time to express any of my views other than bitching about how bad uni is! Maybe soon i'll start some controversy...

6 thoughts on “Whoa.”

  1. I'll start some controversy:
    Every freekin minority group possible complaining about what the budget didn't give them!
    i mean seriously forks... Mr costello cannot please every single of the (by the way congradulations to australia on surpassing the 20 mil mark the other month) 20 million of us..

    Just thought i'd bitch and complain a bit....


  2. I'm starting to love the names people use for themselves on this site; the only thing is i don't have a clue who they are!

    Nice choice.

    Wow 20 mil. we're almost there as a sizable portion of south-east asia (well... not really...)

  3. Well i hope you 'allegedly' enjoyed yourself! (btw i can't be bothered updating the database to accurately reflect the number of views for that blog...)


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