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Pirates, arrrr

I got through all the work i had to do (both uni and payed) for last week ok. I still have a lot of uni stuff to do for this week, and not too much payed work (only a Saturday morning shift). I'm looking forward to this weekend, both because it is Easter, and because i'm going to be taking time off from doing anything related to uni.

We got Pirates of the Carribean on dvd, at i watched a bit of it last night. I really love that movie. Good stuff. Also got Matrix Revolutions which I haven't had time to even put in the dvd player.

At Church on Saturday night it was the Palm Sunday fete. Tonnes of people showed up, and i forgot to bring a camera, so i can't put up any photos. On that note, if anyone has any photos of the night, and want them put in the gallery, email them to me.

This week in COMP3804 we get assigned groups, and heres hoping i get a good one.

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