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The start of the gauntlet

Here i am at uni, in the labs typing this one out. So begins a tough two weeks at uni before the break. At my last count, i have 6 assesment items due before next thursday (and thats not even counting all the seperate COMP3804 deliverables).

I came into uni yesterday to migrate my COMP3804 system to uni, which, other than the usual stupid things committed by me, turned out to be not the major pain i had expected it to. Nevertheless, i still hate having to come into uni on weekends.

Anywho, i'm looking forward to a planned weekend off that i've arranged my studies around. For Easter (the Friday to the Monday) i've scheduled in some 'doing absolutely no uni-related work whatsoever' time. Can't wait.

On Saturday night i bought the second season of Futurama on DVD. Man i love that show. i can't wait till i can actually get some time to acually watch it.

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