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Custom resolutions

Spent the whole of last night trying to configure this computer to show a lower resolution than its native 1680x1050. Browsing websites at this resolution, you really notice the good quality designs (ones that show up well and legible at larger resolutions), and ones that could have been done better that are only really for viewing at a particular resolution or two.

I installed a program called Powerstrip that allows you to set custom resolutions, and tried setting it up for a res of 1248x780 (ie still keep the 16:10 ratio but have it more like a 1024x768 res like most computers except it being widescreen). This didn't work, as when expanding it to fill the screen it goes into the panning mode (where the display goes beyond the screen and you can pan to view it using the mouse). Eventually found out that the lowest it will display without going into the panning mode is 1200x800. This shows up, but is quite visibly blurry, as the drivers aren't meant to show really anyhting below its native resolution.

I might email HP or ATI to see if i can get it changed. Somehow i don't think so though....

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  1. I think everyone who does uni (or really any type of work for that matter) will agree that it sux. I haven't played Jedi Academy yet, heard its a good game though. I won't have time to play anything anytime soon 🙁


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