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41.7 C : Hot hot hot

Yesterday, the temperature got up to almost 42C, which aparently is the hottest February day Brisbane has ever had, eclipsing the previous highest temperature set in 1925. Went to the early movies and saw Mona Lisa Smile which finished at 12ish, only to remember that we had parked the car in the sun.

To call it an oven was an understatement. One of the little plastic compartments came out with barely a touch because the heat had softened the plastic pretty bad.

The countdown to uni continues with the semester starting in a week. 🙁
I have just finished my latest intro for the site, that should be released with the next round of site updates (roughly around when uni starts).

4 thoughts on “41.7 C : Hot hot hot”

  1. i agree yesterday was too hot, the thing that really sh*ts me though is that indoor soccer wasn't cancelled. it seems that every other sport was cancelled over the weekend because it was deemed 'too hot' to play, but thats probably just me bitching, oh well.

    btw this is my first blog entry HURRAH!!!


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