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I have two owies :(

Played futsal last night, against the fiery Greeks (other greeks), and ended up missing most of the second half after being haxed. Lucky i didn't end up dislocating my knee, but it sure did (and does) hurt. Even worse i don't bruise easily, so i've got nothing to show for it, and everone at home thinks i'm making a big deal out of nothing!

Anyway, we won the quite thrilling game 3-2, which capped of another memorable game between our two teams. This means we have a guranteed 2nd place on the table with the finals starting soon. Go E.R.T! (our team. i'll leave an explanation of what it means for a later entry)

Today for lunch i had my first Nutella sandwich probably since primary school. Gotta love chocolate on bread.

9 thoughts on “I have two owies :(”

  1. excuse me! i'm quite fluent in Greek and i did notice the miss spelling. In fact, I was very insalted by it. never have i seen such...braisen (i think thats how you spell it) miss-spelling of a Greek surname.

  2. Well if you were as fluent in English as you are in Greek, you would realise it's spelt brazen (hence the various comments by the Brazen Monkey?). I am quite INSALTED as well. lol

  3. ahh, the furball strikes...:P
    Lucas also missed the misspelling of both miss spelling (who is she, btw?) and miss-spelling.
    not only that, but i think you'll find that you didn't recognize that it was a pseudohellenic surname. how many redheaded greeks are there that one could take the surname of?

    you've been taken the mickey out of by a skip, how do you feel? 😛

  4. well then mr smith. my great grand father had red hair. they used to call him Engleso (english applying to all britens including scotts and welsh) and Kochintrishi (red hair) because of it. he also had green eyes. this is probably due to the fact that the Galatian where a Celtic tribe that settled in central Anatolia (you've probably heard of them). When the Seljuk Turks (Seljuks of Rum [eatern rome/byzantium]) established themselves in cetral/eastern anatolia they pushed the by then Hellenised Galatian's out of central Anatolia. These people hence fled to the exteria of Anatolia, mainland Greece and also Cyprus. so it is posible to find a Greek with red hiar. not easy, but still possible. It is actually not suprising to find Turkish Kurds from eastern anatolia with red-brown hair. :p

    PS. Please learn a little more about the genetic background of Anatloian Greeks before you "take the mickey" out of this one.

    PPS. I dont care how i spell in English...I am Wog!

  5. i am wog, hear me roar? 😛

    find me a surname that resembles 'kokkinokefalas', then. i know that kefalas is a surname - where the redster?

    my guess - and this is a mere guess, without _any_ evidence - is that, at the time of surname-taking, said galatian celts (yeah! go the celts!!!!! we got a letter!) would have stuck with celtic surnames, that eventually got either bred out of existence or hellenised.

    technically, i only said 'how many?', not 'there aren't any'. 😛

    also, you may be thinking of Angleso, but I can never be sure with the island dialects 😛

    lastly, i've seen a small number of arabs with red hair. only small, but seen.


  6. a formal, public apology - it was correctly pointed out that, while 'angleso' is the most popular term for 'english male' (derived from 'anglia', england); my pocket translating dictionary tells me that 'engleso' is, also, equally valid.

    i apologize for any misunderstanding caused to the aforementioned 'island dialects :P', and apologize to all those who think that this is a waste of their 'bandwidth :P'. however, conveniently (or wastefully), i absolve myself from all problems had. 😛



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