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Here is a history of the intros that I used to develop for this site. Below is its name, number, launch date, comments, and a thumbnail. Click on the link or the thumbnail to see the intro in all its glory.

"The Death of the Floppy Disk"

Intro #: 6
Launch Date: 21/7/2004
Size: 91 KB

Markedly different from any of the previous intros, this one really has nothing to do with myself or the website. It Chronicles the death of the floppy disk at the hand of the USB Drive.

Intro #6

"Gysdintu Strikes Back"

Intro #: 5
Launch Date: 26/6/2004
Size: 125 KB

The second intro featuring Gysdintu the Uni Monster. You should probably watch intro#4 before watching this one to actually get it. Set at the end of the first semester of 2004, this intro reveals the revenge of Gysdintu for the unlucky students studying IT at UQ.

Intro #5

"Gysdintu: The Uni Monster"

Intro #: 4
Launch date: 2/3/2004
Size: 104 KB

This intro explains the taking of me by the Uni Monster for the first semester of 2004, and consequently why there will not be many site updates while I am at uni. My first attempt at proper animation.

Intro #4

"Lord of the Things: Introducing"

Intro #: 3
Launch date: 10/1/2004
Size: 99 KB

The first intro of the site as, this intro continues the movie themed sequence with a Lord of the Rings style opening. Celebrates the freeing of this site from the shackles of a certain telecom company's free webspace.

Intro #3

"Episode II: Finally An Update"

Intro #: 2
Launch date: 1/1/2004
Size: 143 KB

This intro was mainly aimed at sarcastically apologising for the nearly complete lack of any updates during the first six months of the site. A send up of the Star Wars opening sequence, this one contains (poor quality) sound.

Intro #2

"LucasNet (Re)Loaded"

Intro #: 1
Launch date: 13/7/2003
Size: 15KB

This was the first intro developed for the site, and of course had a distinctly Matrix feel to it. This was me first experimenting with flash.

Intro #1
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