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5 Years Post-Transplant

On Monday, I marked the significant marker of 5 years since my liver transplant.

These past 5 years haven't exactly been what I'd hoped post-transplant life to be: getting through a global pandemic notwithstanding, I'm yet to go a calendar year after the transplant without a hospital admission. Nevertheless, I'm still continuously and enormously grateful to be here with my donor's liver, continuing myโ€”and my donor'sโ€”journey.

These five years have gone by so quickly, but I just have to look at how much the kids have grown to see that passage of time. They've changed from infants to little people. My head is just as bald, but my beard is greyer. Des still looks exactly the same, as usual๐Ÿ˜†.

I'm forever grateful to God, my family, friends, colleagues, doctors, and definitely not least, my donor and their family, for reaching this milestone.

So once again, I'm asking you to think about organ donation and to discuss it with your family. It's so important, and in Australia, it only takes a minute to register (or check if you are), so please head over to to do it.

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