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2023: Year in Review

7 blog posts this year; I think I'm pretty happy with that 😁. Could be better, but could be worse.

Generally, 2023 felt like the first sorta-getting-past-COVID year, despite me getting COVID for the second time at the start of December.

There's no 'List of Tweets' blog post this year, because Elon removed easy access to the Twitter/X API for that kind of thing. Plus, the Twitter integration on this blog has been removed for the same reason.

Anywho, let's try something new for this end-of-year post in addition to listing the blog post highlights.

Health stuff

Health-wise, I had two hospital admissions: one for a bout of salmonella poisoning 🤮 (I still don't know what it was that caused it), and the second for an unexplained jaundice episode that seemed to resolve itself.

The clinical trial I mentioned in last year's post finished in the middle of the year, and I immediately took a turn for the worse (around the same time as the salmonella episode). It took a few months, but I was granted compassionate access to the medication on an ongoing basis, and have been feeling a lot better later this year.

Work stuff

This year marks 10 years in my career as a technical writer. It's been an interesting 10 years, and coincidentally, I marked it by starting a new job. I'm now working for an Australian company, which is a big change from the American ones that I've previously worked for.

Blog post highlights

Onto the list!


  • Building Pentium: The first computer build in a while. Strangely enough, I had my very first bluescreen for this computer just today!


  • 40: Another decade spinning around the Sun, and a nice, short retrospective of a decade of my life.


  • Backups and Docker on the Synology NAS: Adding more value to the already-awesome centre of our home network. In the time since that post, I've also migrated the Plex installation to a container, too.



  • Buying an iPad: An admission of wrong 😆. A few weeks after that post, I was admitted to hospital again, and it was awesome watching Ashoka on it rather than on my phone!



And there goes another year!

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