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2022: Year in Review

5 blog posts this year; a 25% improvement on the 4 I did last year! 😆😭

For me, 2022 carried on from where 2021 left off: COVID still dominating my non-work life, but despite my best efforts, the virus did eventually catch up with me in the middle of the year (shakes fist at children bringing things home).

Although I thankfully did not have serious complications immediately from the exposure, I did have gastro issues soon after, which saw me hospitalised twice. The Drs eventually found out why I've probably had ongoing stomach pain for the 18 months previous: ulcers in my small intestine that went undetected during multiple gastroscopies and colonoscopies.

Those now seem to have now passed with the help of lots of immune suppressing steroids. I'm also somewhat-excitedly taking part in a clinical trial for a possible treatment for people with PSC (the liver disease that led me to my transplant).

Anyway, here are the 5 proper blog posts from this year.



  • Getting COVID: After avoiding it for 2.5 years, it finally got me, most likely via Zoe's kindy. I was really impressed with the care that I received.


  • Working on a MacBook Pro (take 2): This newer work machine is miles better that the original one that I was using. Apple really have hit it out of the park in terms of their CPU design.


  • New Watch: Garmin Vivoactive 4: The post-COVID, post-hospital, steroid-enhanced brain motivation also got me into a spending mood, so I finally replaced my trusty old Pebble.


And that's it for another year. I have a feeling that 2023 is going to be a year of some changes. Hopefully, in a more positive direction, but we'll see. 🤞❤

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