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But He’s Got a New Hat!

Smithers exclaiming "But she's got a new hat!"

People have gotten into some strange stuff during COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, and I was no exception. My newish thing is baseball hats, which is a bit weird considering that going outside is not really a thing you can do in a lockdown.

Nevertheless, sun safety is a big thing for me, especially because I am at increased risk of skin cancer as a result of the immune-suppressants I am on following my liver transplant. I need a hat whenever I go outside to protect my significant—and I believe this is a medical term—chrome dome.

I started off just wanting to replace my well-worn Brisbane Bandits hat, and it sort of escalated from there, as you can see below.

An array of baseball hats that I own

Included are a few hats inspired from hats I had in my youth in the 90s (Mighty Ducks, Chicago Bulls), some Star Wars ones (I love The Child one!), the local sports teams I like (Brisbane Bandits (baseball) and Roar (football)), and the MLB teams I follow (Yankees, and Giants).

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