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2020: Year in Review

This quote is from the end of my 'Year in Review' post for 2019:

Needless to say, 2020 and the entire 2020s are looking a whole lot more brighter for us after the events of 2019.

Although that was still accurate for me personally; for the wider world... not so much. 😅

2020 was a strange year for the whole world. I can't think of something (at least in my lifetime) that has affected nearly every person on the planet like the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has. 🦠

The year started off ok. I attended 2020 at the Gold Coast in the first few weeks of January, but then things started to slide a bit from there.

For the coronavirus: I am lucky that it hasn't affected me much. Having a remote job has meant that the biggest change for me was that I just stopped going in to the coworking office in the city from March to November. I had 5 COVID tests throughout the year (all negative).

Other than COVID stuff, my general health was a rollercoaster this year. In January/February I had reactions to some new medications that took a while to identify, in April I experienced an episode of rejection of my liver, and in the past few months my colitis has been more active.

Blog posting was very thin this year, but here are the highlights:




  • The ‘R’ Word: A post about my transplant rejection episode in April/May. Thankfully, this was also my only hospital admission! 🎉




Here's hoping for a much better 2021 for the whole world!

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