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Console Home Streaming is Great Too

PS4 Remote PlayI've blogged a bit on how great Steam Home Streaming is to be able to play PC games remotely in the living room. Today I experienced the reverse, and it's equally as convenient!

Although it's been available on XBox for a while, and for a few months on the PS4, I've previously never had the need to play a console somewhere else other than its usual spot in the living room. That is, until Anastacia needed the TV today and I was in the middle of a level of Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Setting up and getting going with PS4 Remote Play on my Windows 10 computer was dead easy. It was done in 5 minutes, and the experience playing the game was pretty good. My only criticism is that the maximum stream quality is only 720p, and you do notice the difference in quality being so close to the monitor.

Otherwise, it was smooth experience, and one that I will keep in mind when the girls of the house demand access to the TV when I'm playing a game. 🙂

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