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Rough Few Months

I've had a pretty rough few months. Soon after getting back from our 10th anniversary trip to Melbourne in late February, I was admitted to hospital with an infection in my liver. It's the first one that I've experienced since being diagnosed with PSC 6 years ago. After starting to feel nauseous and increasingly itchy over a week, one night I vomited (very rare for me), and the next night I had intense uncontrollable shakes. I was taken to hospital, diagnosed with a liver infection, and put on IV antibiotics for the better part of a week before being discharged on oral antibiotics.

After almost a month of steadily improving, I had another episode of bad liver trouble. Although I didn't develop an infection, I felt even worse than when I was in hospital. The nausea was more intense, I was vomiting more, the itching became torture, and I turned yellow again. My doctors said that unless I was showing signs of infection (fever, shakes, etc.), there was not much point me going in to hospital, and just to try to ride it out.

I got better over the next few weeks, but the second episode really knocked me around. During these two episodes, I was again referred to the Queensland transplant assessment hepatologist, but at the moment the transplant criteria here for PSC patients is either end-stage liver failure, or recurrent infections. I'm still far from the former, and we'll have to see if the latter start happening with frequency.

Throughout these recent ordeals, I'm so grateful for Despina for her tireless support taking care of both me and Anastacia, and also for my work for being very supportive and understanding. I've been working from home for the most part: initially part-time, and now full-time, and trying to make it into the office at least once a week if I have the energy.

To distract me from the nausea and the uncontrollable itch, I've played through both Mario Galaxy games, pretty much completing them 100% (although I've still yet to master the 'Perfect Run' stage of the Grandmaster Galaxy in Mario Galaxy 2, grrrr).

Although some general lethargy and nausea is still sticking around a bit, it's now been over a month since any intense symptoms. Hopefully I'm starting to see the end of this round of health stuff. Thanks to everybody for their well-wishes, thoughts, and prayers. 🙂


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