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The Best and Worst of 2013

It's my usual 'Best and Worst' post time! For those not familiar, I summarise the best and worst movies and games that I have watched and played this calendar year. These are only from the movies/games that I have personally watched/played, so it's definitely not exhaustive.


Keeping in mind that I have only seen one movie out of those that were released over the Christmas/Boxing Day period, here is a list of the movies that I have watched so far this year.Django Unchained

Best Movie: Django Unchained

Usually a movie will jump out at me as one of the best that I have seen in a year, but in looking at the ones which I have watched this year, nothing was so spectacular as to blow the others out of the water.

If I had to pick one movie that I was most impressed with and most enjoyed, Django would be it: quite funny, and wonderfully performed (except for Tarantino's Australian accent).
Honourable Mentions: Ender's Game, The Great Gatsby

Worst Movie: Movie 43

In the year that contained Sharknado, a movie would have to be so disgustingly bad to beat it to the 'Worst Movie' title. That movie was Movie 43. Despite its all-star cast, and me being a fan of the Farrelly Brothers and their type of humour, this movie was so terribly bad and just plain unfunny. It's definitely up there as not just the worst movie of this year, but also the worst movie that I have ever seen.
Dishonourable Mention: Sharknado (although that is with some affection 😉 )


I've played a few of the bigger games this year. It was a bit strange that most of the 'better' games came out in the first half of the year, as traditionally the blockbusters are towards the end of the year.Bioshock Infinite

Best Game: Bioshock Infinite

This was a really tough choice: it was definitely a two-horse race between Bioshock Infinite and the rebooted Tomb Raider. Bioshock Infinite had the most memorable plot of a game that I can remember for some time, whilst Tomb Raider had the best gameplay of any game that I played this year.

So it was fantastic plot and good gameplay, vs. good plot and fantastic gameplay. This time the plot won out, and Bioshock's visuals didn't hurt its chances either.
Honourable Mentions: Tomb Raider, as well as multiplayer Battlefield 4 when it's not buggy.

Worst Game: StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

I've managed to steer clear of most of the terrible games this year (like Colonial Marines and Call of Duty: Ghosts), and while HotS wasn't a 'bad' game, it was probably the most disappointing game I played this year. I play Starcraft mostly for the story, and HotS was disappointing in that regard.
Dishonourable Mention: The campaign and multiplayer buginess of Battlefield 4.

2 thoughts on “The Best and Worst of 2013”

  1. Good read up until the starcraft part. I think you give it a little to much criticism than it deserves. The story line of HOTS really setup a lot of plots for the next game "legacy of the void". Also the game's focus on Kerrigan meant that it was always going to be about her reuniting the swarm and defeating Mengsk. The gameplay also mixes the campaign up with traditional RTS gameplay (building a base and army) as well as non traditional RTS gameplay (controlling just 1 unit for the mission). Overall I think the campaign isn't overly adventurous but it does offer solid gameplay and it keeps the story moving along all be it slowly.

    P.S: It's a fight between colonial marines and COD for actual worse game of the year possibly even the decade haha, you're lucky you didn't play them >.<

    P.S.S: I want to see movie 43 now hahahahahahah. Could something possibly be worse than the "Last Air Bender"?

  2. Yeah, it was weird that with HotS I almost enjoyed the gameplay more than the story. But out of the games that I did play, I remembered it as the most disappointing of the year.

    No doubt if I played Colonial Marines or COD, that would have been it. 🙂


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