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Ruby Sparks

On Friday night we went and saw Ruby Sparks. It's a movie with quite a weird premise (reminiscent of Stranger Than Fiction a while back): a socially awkward successful writer with writer's block somehow unwittingly manifests into existence a girl that he has been dreaming about by writing about her.

After she is 'around', he can then change anything he wants about her by continuing to write.

The film is tagged as a romantic comedy, but I think that's an unfair pigeon-holing of the movie as a whole. There's definitely a big part of the usual rom-com aspects in there, but it also becomes very drama-oriented too, as the main character is plagued by conflict when his girl, very much her own person, exhibits behaviour and actions that he doesn't like, and the subsequent and seriously presented resulting moral challenge of having the God-like power of being able to change her at will.

Overall, I really enjoyed it. It was a bit of a roller-coaster of emotions throughout the movie: funny and endearing, to depressing and disturbing.

One thing the movie did stir up in me is considering writing as a part-time profession. I know it's probably one of those things that anybody who thinks they can put a few words together thinks they can do; like after watching The Social Network every IT-oriented person thinks they can come up with and execute the 'next-big-thing' that makes a billion dollars.

I've always been a decent writer (even if my proof-reading leaves a bit to be desired), and other than the brief flirt with AdSense on this blog, I've never seriously considered doing it to make a bit of money. I think getting back into reading books recently, and reading some very good stuff by independent self-published authors might also have something to do with it.

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