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Remotes & MMORPGs

Logitech Harmony 650 remoteWe're still currently settling into the new house. Most things have found a place, but there's always those annoying items that you use, but not nearly often enough, that you can't throw away but have got to find a place for that is out of the way but still accessible for when you do on the odd occasion need it.

Anywho, one geeky thing that I have picked up recently is a new Logitech Harmony remote (I got the 650). Now that we have a AV receiver in addition to the TV, PS3, and WDTV, this remote is the best thing since unsliced remote controls.

One button-push 'Activity' actions turns on/off the relevant devices depending on what you want to do. If I am playing the PS3, pressing 'Watch TV' turns off the PS3 and the receiver and switches the TV's input back to DTV. Conversely, if I am watching TV, pressing the 'WDTV activity' turns on the receiver and selects the right input on that, turns on the WDTV, and switches the TV to the view the receiver's output.

Very neat and efficient If I do say so (although I did have to buy the Harmony PS3 adapter because the PS3 only receives Bluetooth and not IR commands).

Star Wars: The Old RepublicNow that the house is almost finished I have really got to start catching up on a lot of gaming that I have mostly missed over the past 6 months. In the past couple of months I have only played a few hours worth of online BF3. So I have really got to properly get into that, and soon Mass Effect 3 will be arriving in the mail.

However the biggest thing that I will have to resist in terms of games, is the recent Star Wars MMORPG, The Old Republic (SWToR). I don't think I've mentioned this before, but I have a particular issue with games that require an ongoing subscription to play in addition to the game purchase price. Usually these types of games are MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing games).

It's been relatively easy to resist World of Warcraft and the other big ones, but SWToR is proving a little more difficult. The obvious reason why is that it's Star Wars (duh), but the other reason is that it's pretty darn good and seemingly everyone is playing it (even a friend of mine that does not have internet at his house!).

Even with all that (and jaw-droppingly awesome cinematics), I can't bring myself to pay $13-15/month just to play a game, and I really doubt whether my wife would stomach my removal from the normal happenings of the house and society that would consequently result if I were to get into it.

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