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2011: Year in Review

After a very ordinary 2010, I had hoped that 2011 would have been much much better. In looking back, 2011 was definitely much better health-wise, although I didn't exactly get the news that I had hoped for in 2010. Still, only one hospital stay-over for some routine-ish surgery was definitely much better than the previous years record.

We had hoped to have moved into a newly built house by now, but we're still in the middle of that process so here's hoping we won't be too far into 2012 for that to happen! That's also one of the main reasons that blogging has been so thin this year, the house building has taken up most of my time both physically and mentally.

Anyway, here's the year's highlights of blog entries:


- Nice Try Retailers, Maybe Stop Ripping Us Off?: A good rant, still valid now as the debate rages on.
- Disaster: Brisbane Starts to Flood: Probably the single biggest event of 2011.
- Recovery: The Flood Cleanup Begins: The community comes together after the disaster.
- Weddings & Koumbari: A special highlight


- Getting Ready, Anniversary, Indoor: Sad preparations, 5 years married!


None really 🙁


- Crysis 2 & Surgery: The surgery for the year.


- Moving into the house: Sadly moving out of our unit 🙁


- Am I a Logitech Fanboy? New Mouse & X-Men: Geek highlight and musings
- Go Back To Where You Came From: A good semi-rant on refugees and links to an essay of the past.


- Google+ starts to take shape: In hindsight, G+ probably hasn't taken off as well as I've expected it to (at least in my circles of friends (pun intended)).


- Illness Update Part 3: The most recent update regarding my health situation.


- Rant: Why Wash the Colours Away?: A good rant on the current 'fashions' of interface design.
- 10 Years On: My Experience of September 11 2001: My memories of the date 10 years prior.
- Star Wars on Blu-Ray: Definitely a highlight for me ;), although I still haven't watched them all yet!


- Lucas the Builder: Building coming along, and strange injuries.


- New Mobile: HTC Desire S: Properly moving into the smart phone world.
- Google's New Look of Doom & On Virgin: More rants on Google's new interface for Reader.


- Back In Town, Christmas in Sydney: How we spend Christmas.
- The Best and Worst of 2011: The standard review of the years media.

So that's it for 2011, here's hoping that 2012 will bring a little more progress in a lot of things (and that the Mayans will be wrong about that whole end-of-the-world thing).

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