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Am I a Logitech Fanboy? New Mouse & X-Men

Logitech G9xIn the past few weeks the middle-click button on my trusty Logitech MX 400 mouse that I got about five years ago was starting to play up. This is especially concerning as the middle mouse button is what I use as melee-knifing in BC2, and the last thing you want in close quarters knife-combat in BC2 is to have an unreliable mouse button for that action.

The MX400 is a great mouse, and a five-year tour of duty is nothing to baulk at, but the time had come for a replacement. Of course five years has seen the MX400 go end-of-life, so buying the same mouse was out of the question. I started looking around at gaming mice, and the Logitech G9x perked my interest, but the RRP of $200 definitely did not.

I tried going around to a few stores to see if the mouse would be comfortable in my hand, but it seems that stores like Officeworks and Harvey Norman have stopped having out-of-the box demo mice for people to hold and play with. I did end up getting the G9x at an awesome price($79 delivered) from during their EOFY sale. I also got a Logitech C510 webcam at a good price from there too, as my parents are starting to get into Skype and i'd rather not have to switch on the laptop every time to be able to use a webcam.

I'm still getting used to the shape of the mouse for gaming and have yet to decide on the optimal weight configuration, but so far it looks like a winner. After getting the mouse and webcam and looking around my computer desk, I realise that I have pretty much Logitech'd everything: mouse, webcam, keyboard, headset. Have I become a Logitech fanboy?

I've never thought of myself as a Logitech fanboy, but in the past 5 or so years I have increasingly gravitated to their products. They're usually of a high quality and tend to last long beyond their (for the higher-end products) considerable warranties. Maybe I am becoming a fanboy...

X-Men: First ClassMoving on, after the false start last week, last night we went and saw X-Men: First Class. I really wasn't expecting much from the movie, and after this movie was announced a while back I was largely sceptical about the studios beating the X-Men movie horse a few many too times following the largely disappointing previous films of X-Men 3 and X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

I'm pleased to say that I was really pleasently surprised by this movie. Now i'll disclaim myself by saying that I really don't know much of the traditional X-Men backstory, so i really don't know how faithful it is to that, but I thought the plot was fantastic. I loved the historical setting of the 60s and especially the Cuban Missile Crisis, and thought weaving in the genesis of the X-Men story into that was fantastic.

I thought the casting was overall very good, especially for Magneto and to an extent Xavier, but the big casting slip-up was the actress for Mystique. Although I don't think she was quite as bad as everyone was making her out to be, her performance was definitely disappointing compared to most of the rest and not really in-line with the Mystique from the previous movies. I did enjoy the cameos in this movie, but I won't spoil it for people who haven't seen it yet.

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