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Crysis 2 & Surgery

Crysis 2 boxI know it's a few weeks late, but i've played through the next big gaming release of the year: Crysis 2. Overall i'd have to say i'm a bit disappointed.

Although the visuals of the game were pretty amazing, they didn't really have the same 'wow' effect that the first game did about 4 years ago.

The plot in the game was also pretty pathetic. They barely made any reference to the storyline of the first game (which ended without much closure at all), rather just sweeping it under the rug hoping that no-one would really notice, and changing setting completely without much justification why (except probably because it would 'look' cool).

The gameplay was decent without being anything special. I didn't mind the more linear approach, but things did get pretty repetitive after a while; there were really only about 5 different types of enemies, and that's counting the humans as well as the alien opposition.

Overall it was a rather average game, and in the end mostly forgettable.

Last week i also went into hospital for some minor-ish surgery. I'd prefer not to say publicly exactly what it was for, but It's loosely related to my liver condition and the medication i'm on for it. I'll be recovering from it for the next couple of weeks. The Mrs has been a great nurse 🙂

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