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Cyclones, LBP2, Birthdays

Cyclone Yasi satellite shotAs if devastating flooding wasn't enough for mother nature to unleash on this state already this year, last week north Queensland copped the brunt of Yasi, one of the largest cyclones to hit this country in recorded history.

The upside was that it looks like the only casualty from the cyclone was an unfortunate man who suffocated whilst using a petrol-powered generator indoors (unfortunate, but probably a Darwin Award nominee :S).

This past week i got Little Big Planet 2 on the PS3. What is note-worthy about me playing through this game is that I did it entirely co-op online with the guys from work. It's the first time i've properly played a PS3 game online, and barring some wireless issues (stupid solid-concrete walls), it was a really fun experience.

LittleBigPlanet2Even with a cheap (i.e free with two phones ago) bluetooth headset for chat, it did pretty well. The game itself is really enjoyable, although it did feel a bit on the short side. The variety is awesome this time around, with lots of grappling-hooks, as well as cute new stuff like rideable bunnies, bees, and uh... camel-'battle-tanks'.

I'm not really that into spending time creating my own levels or that kind of thing, but the 'community' implementation in this game is really well-done that I might spend a bit of time looking at what other people have created and have a bit of a play through.

The other big occurrence of this past week was my birthday yesterday. I'm 28 years old now, edging closer to that three-zero. Speaking of which, my brother turned that number the day before yesterday, so last night there was en eighties-themed birthday party for him. I didn't really have anything to go as, so i just wore the black 80s-looking trogdor shirt, with a speech-bubble badge saying 'It's my birthday and I was born in the 80s" :).

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