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Disaster: Brisbane Starts to Flood

Brisbane floodsI'm typing this entry quite distressed and tired. There's no other way to describe what's happening in Brisbane at the moment other than an unfolding 'disaster' in the true sense of the word. The whole city next to the river is beginning to flood in truly epic proportions.

When people were saying in the days before today that it could get as high as the fabled 1974 floods, i admit that i thought it was all media hype and exaggeration. Watching what is happening today, i have no doubt about that any more.

The amount of water coming down the river and spilling over is phenomenal. To see most of Southbank starting to disappear under the river is quite unbelievable.

Our unit and house should thankfully be totally safe, but the office at work is going to take a pounding. The timing of us moving all of the major equipment into the data centre could not have been better. It was barely 5 days ago that we finished that move, and it's only because of that that the other offices around the country won't notice the Brisbane situation too much from an IT services point of view.

Our server room in the office is located in the basement level, and we spent most of yesterday moving everything else (all the switches, phone system, and remaining servers) out of there to the higher floors. All the network cables still terminate in that room, so if it does flood (which judging by the pictures on the news is probably happening right now), it's going to be interesting getting all that functional again when the water recedes.

It's heartbreaking to see people lose their homes to the water, my thoughts and prayers go out to them. The waters are still yet to peak, so the worse is probably still to come.

My internet and mobile are now beginning to have connection brownouts as the water affects all the infrastructure, so i'm going to post this while I can.

Good luck to everyone going through this; to everybody elsewhere, thoughts and prayers for the people of Brisbane would be appreciated!

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