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Spain Win World Cup & Internode Transfer Woes

The Octopus Chooses SpainI got up early this morning to watch the big game, the 2010 World Cup final between the Netherlands and Spain.

Overall Spain were deserved winners, the Dutch went out of character and tradition to apply niggly fouling tactics in an attempt to break up the Spanish play (van Bommel is a disgusting excuse for a player), so it is good to see those tactics not pay off.

The Dutch can't complain though, they did have their chances to score a goal or two earlier, and they were probably lucky to have everyone on the pitch for as long as they did. But for me, it was Fabregas that made the difference when he came on. Let's hope he wasn't happy on the bench and will think twice before wanting to move from Arsenal to Barcelona any time soon.

This is also the first time that i've successfully predicted both the finalists and the winner of the tournament beforehand (too bad i was too busy to blog it here before the tournament started!). Pity i'm not the gambling type, i would've made some money this time!

Speaking of predictions, one of the most memorable thing about this World Cup was the German match-predicting Octopus (pictured). He predicted all of Germany's matches results (including their semi-final loss to Spain), as well as the final matches' result. Amazing stuff, and the current Facebook status updates worshipping the psychic octopus overlord are quite amusing.

In other news, at the moment i'm trying to get my ADSL connection transferred over to Internode who now have a DSLAM at my exchange and are offering a quick ULL transfer from the Optus-based connection provided by my current ISP, Netspace.

It's not going smoothly, and I get the feeling i'm being a bit of a guinea-pig for this new transfer process. Telstra has rejected the order twice now, firstly because of a 'malformed request', and now because they couldn't recognise my address.

Hopefully it'll be sorted out soon, i'm really eager to get onto Internode for a variety of reasons.

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