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iPod Nano & Flights

iPod Nano 5GI'm somewhat ashamed to admit that I got a new iPod recently. Since I bought my first, and previously only, iPod back in 2004 I turned off iPods mainly because of the iSheep mentality and the bloatware that is iTunes. However it does make me feel better that I didn't pay money for it: we got it from our credit card's rewards points program.

I got a blue 16GB Nano, and honestly it seems like a pretty good device even if it is somewhat overpriced. I am still using iTunes, but that's only because it is actually somewhat responsive now that I have a supercomputer with tonnes of processing power and memory. Every update still annoys the crap out of me though, I wish Quicktime would leave my file associations and browser settings alone and not freaking take control every update without ignoring my settings or giving me any option.

I also got a Griffin Navigate off eBay to have a decent wired remote, but strangely it seems to continuously drain the iPod's battery when both are turned off.

Yesterday I flew to Melbourne for the day for work to conduct training sessions for a few new people down there. Four hours of flying for five hours of work didn't seem worth it in hindsight, but I did get everything done that I wanted to. The flights were the most boring i've been on, as for both legs (Qantas there, Virgin back) the planes' were relatively old and had no visual entertainment systems. That really surprised and disappointed me, because when I flew around the offices earlier in the year I watched Foxtel (even a live Premier League game!) when flying down to Melbourne.

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  1. You usually have to take your own entertainment with you on flights especially the business man's flights, in the morning and after 5 or 6 at night.


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