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Final Let-Down, Mini Operas and Tunnels

The big final on the weekend ended up being a big let-down. It wasn't helped by Eliot having injured himself the day before and not really being able to play, nor the fact that we were the most generous we've been in front of our own goal for a very long time. The game ended 5-3, and pretty much at least 3 of their goals we gifted to them on a platter.

I scored two in the first half, and 'keeped for the second half. So in the end, it was a quite anti-climactic end to the last 6 years playing at that centre. Here's the final record of our grand-final appearances:
win-loss-win-loss-win-win--loss. Can't really complain, I ended up winning more than losing! So that's it for indoor, and it's going to be a bit strange not playing on Sundays.

Some geek news of the past day or so is the final release of Opera Mini 5, which is the awesome browser I use on my mobile phone. It's another great leap ahead for the browser, and comes very recommended from me for mobile-phone internet use.

Tonight we also took a slight detour on the way home to go toll-free through the newly opened Clem7 tunnel. It's a big feat for Brisbane, and currently it's the longest road tunnel in Australia. However, I don't really see us using it much at all. Other than the quite expensive $4.30 toll, we hardly go to destinations that the tunnel services.

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