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Burning Out

Burnout ParadiseThis past week i've played a heck of a lot of Burnout Paradise. I've also bought the Big Surf Island and Cops and Robbers DLCs for the game and played a bit of that too. I've pretty much finished all the discoveries, and now i'm in the process of going through a lot of the events. It's been pretty enjoyable and well-worth the money; it's the longest i've spent on one game in a long time. Finding all those smash-through gates was an absolute pain though...

On Friday night we lost our semi-final of the mixed futsal competition. Disappointing, but not entirely surprising after Peter pulled out due to injury. On another night we would have won it comfortably. Also today in indoor we beat a very rough team 2-1, putting in a really good defensive display.

Keeping with the Burnout theme, it was a very eventful week at work this past week too. On Wednesday the power phase that feeds our server room caught fire at the top of the pole on the street. The UPS kicked in for the first time that I've been there and shutdown all the servers before giving up the juice. It was a very interesting time waiting for Energex to come out, and also watching (and hoping) all the servers starting up thankfully without any issues once the power was restored.

Still, I wouldn't want to be going through that anytime soon again...

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