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Tumbling Along: Madworld & PlayTV

Things have just been tumbling along lately. Either i've gotten lazy in my blogging or nothing much has happened. In truth, it's probably a bit of both.

Madworld screenhotIt's hard to believe we're almost half-way through this year. In some of the end-of-financial-year sales i've picked up a few things. I got Madworld on the Wii for a very awesome $40. Quite a bargain that one. The game itself is pretty good, but not totally great.

The really graphic violence and the Sin City-esque styling is well balanced, and i'm actually a little surprised that they got it passed the classification board for a MA15+ rating (imo, this is one game that would have definitely been classified R18+ were that rating available).

Again, kudos must go to Sega for releasing some adult-focused games on the Wii that are actually half decent (see House of the Dead: Overkill from a few months back).

Another thing i've gotten recently, is that I imported a PlayTV for the PS3. It basically turns the PS3 into a PVR for a cheap price, and I imported it from the UK because goodness-knows-why they haven't released it here.

It's a cheap and decent solution for a PVR if you have a PS3 and don't want to spend much on buying a separate standalone PVR. As it's an imported product and not really designed for Australia, It does have it's flaws (nearly all of which are software related, and thus fixable): it can't tune SBS, and ABCHD is a bit dodgy on it. The Whirlpool wiki page on it is an awesome source of information for Australians using/importing it. Here's hoping that once it is released down here that a simple software update will solve most of the current issues with it.

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