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Long Weekend, Cleaning, & Fanboys

FanboysThere was no work to go to today, as we in Queensland had another long weekend. Whilst I definitely don't complain that we have had another long weekend, it does kind of suck that they are all bunched up into almost one three-month period in the year (April-June), and other than that we have only one other public holiday before Christmas. Spread the love around a bit more i say.

It's been a weekend that's been pretty much non-stop for us. On Saturday we hosted a surprise birthday party for the sister-in-law as well as Church and a Lonestar dinner that night, on Sunday we had another Birthday as well as indoor, and today we spent almost the entire day 'maxi'-cleaning the unit after all the mess that was created on Saturday.

We only do these 'maxi-cleans' a few times a year, but this one was done more out of necessity after Saturday, rather than the usual "well it has been a while since we have done one so we probably should".

Between all that, last night we spent the night in and watched Fanboys. It's basically a Star Wars-themed comedy set in 1998 about a group of friends, one of which who is terminally ill, starting a quest to break into the Skywalker Ranch to steal a rough-cut of Episode I before it is released, so the ill friend can watch it before he dies.

There's lots of Star Wars in-jokes and fun aimed at the Trekkies, and the movie was pretty good without being too great. If you're a Star Wars fan it is a must-see, but for everybody else I wouldn't recommend it, as a lot of the humour would go right over (and under) everybody else's heads.

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