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The Best and Worst of 2008

Last year I really enjoyed doing my 'Best and Worst of 2007', so I thought why not do the same for this year!

So here it is: out of the stuff I saw/played this year, here is my critical wrap.


Best Movie: Wall-E.

This year was a pretty tough choice for me. There were a lot of good movies, a few great ones, and very few awesome ones. But for the the stand-out had to be Wall-E. That might surprise some in a year that included a theatrical Star Wars release, but I really loved Wall-E.

Honourable mentions include Star Wars: The Clone Wars ;), Ironman, and Horton Hears a Who.

Worst Movie: Quantum of Solace

Easily, easily this was the worst movie of the year for me. Whilst I liked Casino Royale as a movie, but not necessarily a Bond movie, I really disliked Quantum of Solace as a movie, but especially as a Bond movie. Crap plot, crap characterisation of Bond (since when was he a whingey crying nancy-boy?), but especially crap cinematography, direction, and camera-work. Poor form.


After such a stellar year last year, generally the release of games this year has been a bit of a let-down. For me, there were no real stand-outs for best game or worst game, but more really 'good games' and 'disappointing games'. But if I had to choose:

Best Games: For the PC, it was a particularly mediocre year for myself. But in terms of enjoyability, I would have to rate Crysis: Warhead up there. GTA4 could have been a contender if the install process wasn't so ridiculously tortuous and just plain stupid and complicated.

For the Wii, the best game of the year was de Blob. Great concept, great (but not perfect) development and game-play, and thoroughly enjoyable.

Worst Games: Out of the ones I've played, there wasn't really a 'worst game' for either the PC or the Wii. The disappointing ones would be Sonic Unleashed on the Wii, and to an extent Call of Duty: World at War on the PC, but I wouldn't go as far as to label them 'Worst of the Year'.

So that's it for 2008! Now to do my 'Year in Review' entry.

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